Poindus VariPOS cross application as Queue Machine in Banking

Business Type: Banking Product: VariPOS 719 Country: Taiwan Multi- Application: Queue Machine in Bank Queue Management Systems are widely used in government services, financial industry, medical institutions, telecommunications services and other fields.  With the development of this new technology, the Queue System can reduce queues and waiting times by automating the process, freeing up staff [...]

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ToriPOS Represents Performance and Achieve Luxury Health Food Brand Image

Business Type: Retail (Chain Store) Product: ToriPOS 915 Country: Taiwan   The luxury health food brand is an expert of beauty & health and now there are 52 branches in Taiwan. They focused on not only selling the high-end products (bird nest) but also delivering a healthy life style. The Requirement: A White, Elegant & Solid [...]

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VariPOS Cooling Off in The Breeze Center

Business Type: Retail Product: VariPOS Country: Taiwan     The Challenge Being very high-traffic, downtime is absolutely intolerable. The amount of business they could lose as a result of downtime would be substantial. At the top of their list is reliability. No need for rebooting during peak hours, and no worrying about whether or not [...]

Popular Tea Cafe in Taiwan Installs VariPOS

Business Type: Food & Beverage Product: VariPOS Country: Taiwan     Mix & Match Tea Cafe is a popular tea shop in Zhongli, Taiwan. The name is a play on words, meaning both the obvious, literal meaning of "brewing" (or steeping) a teabag and also... sort of a homonym (in Chinese, of course) meaning a [...]

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Famous Teahouse in Taipei Transfers Responsibilities to VariPOS

Business Type: Food & beverage Product: VariPOS Country: Taiwan     In Taipei, Taiwan, there are many such establishments, and each one has a fantastic eye for detail. However, at present… one tea house stands out: HuiLiu Tea House (AKA: HuiLiu Japanese Style Tea Artistry).   Who is Hui Liu Tea House? HuiLIu is a [...]

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VariPOS Sailing Along at Taipei’s Ducat Gold

Business Type: Food & beverage Product: VariPOS Country: Taiwan     Who is Ducat Gold? Located in the Heart of Taipei, Ducat Gold was established in 1999 and has been going strong ever since. Self-described as a Brunch and Dinner establishment, Ducat Gold is a popular Maritime-themed (sailors and pirates) restaurant serving a blend of [...]

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