Business Type: Banking

Product: VariPOS 719

Country: Taiwan

VariPOS 719 in Bank

Multi- Application: Queue Machine in Bank

Queue Management Systems are widely used in government services, financial industry, medical institutions, telecommunications services and other fields.  With the development of this new technology, the Queue System can reduce queues and waiting times by automating the process, freeing up staff for more important tasks and most importantly enhancing the customer experience.



The Top 1 private bank in Taiwan has deployed VariPOS 719 as a Queue Management System for all their branches (150 Branches). The bank searched an appropriate solution as a replacement to their existing solution.  The bank listed three primary requirements.

  1. Quality and stability is essential.
  2. The Touch Panel Performance and Sensitivity must be of the highest standard.
  3. The Design and Aesthetics of the solution must fit the Bank image.


Why is VariPOS 719?

After evaluating various solutions, the Top 1 private bank chose VariPOS 719 as the branches’ Queue solution because of the features VariPOS 719 provided.

  1. The VariPOS series supports a full range of Intel processors, from J1900 to high-end Intel Core i5; therefore, it met all the advanced software requirements.
  2. The shape: VariPOS 719 is an All-In-One system with a stylish & durable aluminum chassis. Additionally, the modular design and upward I/O ports reduces maintenance time and effort.
  3. The Touch Panel: VariPOS is true flat P-Cap touch screen without bezel. The front panel combined with IP66 strengthens its ability to handle the heavy daily usage.


The Benefit:

The Top 1 private bank has extended the scope for VariPOS 719 functionality for several applications.

  1. Queue Machine improvement: Besides the ticketing function, VariPOS 719 now includes additional financial information, such as interest rates, exchange rates…etc. and now regarded the Queue solution as multi-functional equipment in the bank.
  2. VIP service: The bank extended VariPOS 719’s capabilities by implementing the MSR reader & Smart card reader, so customers can access the Queue Solution for checking account information without teller assistance.
  3. Reduced waiting times: Customers satisfaction is improved by displaying the waiting time; and allowing customers to arrange their time when they visit the bank.