Creating the power of sustainable development and fulfilling corporate social responsibility is the mission and long-term commitment at Poindus.

Poindus Sustainability

Rooted in our corporate ethos is a steadfast commitment to sustainability across all facets of our operations.  At Poindus, we prioritize environmental responsibility by integrating sustainable practices throughout our product lifecycle. From design inception to end-of-life management, we meticulously engineer our solutions to minimize environmental impact, reduce waste, and optimize energy efficiency.  Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond our products to encompass our entire supply chain. We collaborate closely with our partners and suppliers to uphold ethical and environmentally conscious standards, ensuring transparency and accountability at every stage of production.  By choosing Poindus, you’re not only investing in cutting-edge hardware; you’re also aligning with a company deeply committed to environmental stewardship.

Together, let’s forge a path towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Poindus products are manufactured by Compal
and adhere to all environmental policies

The development of our products is aligned with world trends, understanding customers’ needs, and securing their trust form a key pillar of sustainable development in business. Product design at Poindus is based on the concept of “Product Life Cycle.” Environmental impact at every stage of the life cycle from procurement of raw materials, production and manufacturing, transportation and distribution, consumer use through to disposal and recycling are all taken into account.

In addition to considering user requirements, functionality, and added value at the start of product design, the R&D team pays particular attention to the “minimization of environmental impact” at every stage during product development and design. Customers also receive assistance on obtaining eco-labels that incorporate life cycle assessment in their respective region.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Green Product Design

Product Design at Poindus is based on the concept of “Product Life Cycle.”

Green Product Design

Poindus believes that green products must possess three design features: “green materials,”“energy efficiency” and “ease of dis-assembly/re-cycling,” Poindus environment friendly designs have also been aligned with international trends and the needs of its stakeholders and customers to achieve the best eco-effectiveness.

Responsible Supply Chain

Poindus, Compal conducts an annual sustainability assessment of all suppliers

Raw Material Management

As a responsible buyer, Poindus, Compal Group requires all suppliers compliance with all international, national, and regional environmental laws and regulations. Suppliers are also required to have implemented international quality and environmental standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, ISO 17025, IATF 16949 and so on

Green Factories

Identify and eliminate unnecessary waste, and improve energy efficiency

Green Factories Management

Energy-efficiency projects were implemented at each Compal plants; ISO 50001 management system certification was implemented at 5 plants with professional energy assessment companies invited to make measurements, identify and eliminate unnecessary waste, and improve energy efficiency. The results and experience were rolled out across all plants.

Disassemble Recycle

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive Compliance)

Easy to Recycle and Disassemble

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive compliance for Poindus, issues such as waste reduction and re-use of resources have already been taken into consideration during the design stage, where environmentally friendly materials are used as much as possible while numerous design improvements are introduced to make products easier to recycle.

Human Rights Protection and Health Care

People are the foundation of an organization; without the people, an organization would cease to function

Forced Labor Protection

We forbid the employment of child labor or forced labor

Protecting Our Workers

All our collaborating suppliers have signed “Commitment of Compliance to RBA’s Code of Conduct”, which explicitly forbids employment of child labor or forced labor and protects the rights of underaged workers.  Any suppliers found to have violated our code of conduct will be reported to senior management for disciplinary actions.

Discrimination Policy

Regulations against Discrimination, and Harassment


We have committed to recruit employees solely based on personal character, ability, and match with the duties assigned. Under no circumstances would the Company allow different treatment for race, ethnicity, social status, lineage, religion, disability, gender, sexual preference, family attachment, marital status, political association, age, or any other form of discrimination.

Health and Safety

Reducing exposure to risks of safety and health hazards

Occupational Health and Safety

To protect the occupational safety of employees at work, we have not only established the Environmental Safety and Health Policy but also established relevant procedures.  Our plants comply with ISO45001:2018 certification in order to ensure that employees and all workers stationed in the plant sites are not exposed to hazards at work.

Anonymous Reporting

Workers can report any illegal matter anonymously

Anonymous Abuse Reporting

If the employees encounter any threat, abuse, exploitation, or coercive intercourse at work, they can report any illegal matter anonymously through the “Ethical Officer” complaint mailbox. Employees may file complaints in accordance with “Regulations for Prevention, Correction, Complaint, and Punishment of Sexual Harassment at Workplace”

Poindus continues to save energy and reduce carbon and cares about environmental protection. In addition to complying with environmental regulations we effectively manage the environment and energy, and actively participate with sustainability initiatives and have third party verification overview

Sustainability Goals

Poindus as part of Compal Group is committed to corporate innovation and development with an emphasis on environmental protection. We look forward to using our power as a business to create a better and more convenient future for society. We actively support the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and have incorporated them into our own corporate targets. In addition to strengthening the development of our core business, we hope to make a contribution to the solution of global problems and the sustainable development of all humanity.

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