Proof of Concept

Our design concept is focused on extreme functionality with an aesthetic expression.

POC Table Service Unit

  • Poindus Table Service Unit (TSU)
  • Interactive ordering & guarded payment
  • Efficient ROI for satisfaction

Poindus Table Service Unit (TSU)

The Poindus Table Service Unit (TSU) is designed with creativity to enhance your customers’ dining experience and satisfaction. Today’s restaurant technology must be versatile enough to address a variety of needs from a number of sources. Poindus TSU (Table Service Unit) provides a complete system to help the restaurant merchant enhance customer satisfaction, speed up procedure and reduce operation cost. TSU is a complete open platform to help the software programmer and restaurant merchant customize and integrate ordering/entertainment and payment into one unit.

Interactive Ordering & Guarded Payment

No more long wait for order since diners can place their orders into an interactive menu and all the data will be transferred automatically to the kitchen without delay or error. TSU features multiple choices of self-service payment devices such as Credit Card, MSR, RFID, Smart Card and NFC, so diners can process payment on their own. Recent research has even suggested US $2.00 average increase per order in the restaurants is due to customers having lack of patient or time.

Efficient ROI for Satisfaction

TSU (Table Service Unit) which helps restaurants to maximize work efficiency and minimize customer idle time is the easiest way. Waiters do not need to run around in the restaurant and to take orders. Many restaurants lose customers due to long wait times in queues. All the annoying work will be taken care of by Poindus TSU (Table Service Unit). Poindus TSU helps a restaurant to stand out from the rest and helps it become a must-visit venue. It is a great investment for hospitality computing solution.