Rising Labor Cost Drives Technology Investment

Rising labor costs motivate higher investment in automation technology for the Retail & Hospitality Sector The industry has been struggling recently to recruit and retain enough workers to meet consumer demand.  Several large restaurant chains announced higher pay to entice workers to apply and stick around, additionally the lack of access [...]

Your Best Marketing Weapon – Poindus Display Solutions

Your Best Marketing Weapon! Poindus Display Solutions Poindus Display Solutions meet the demands of Retail, Hospitality and Service sectors.  Our Displays are designed specifically to create the visual impact you need throughout your business.  Our small display sizes (8", 10.1" & 10.4") are the perfect fit for any scenario, with Touch & Non-Touch options and a [...]

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Point Of Sale (POS) – Return on Investment (ROI) At the heart of a POS solution is a solid return on investment (ROI), increased productivity, managing and cutting costs plus growing revenue. Whatever the ROI calculator tells you, saving through IT investment is never as simple as it appears. The path is not [...]

Retail Solutions

VariPOS 2 Series - Delivering robust reliability for mission-critical store operations The VariPOS 2 Series has been designed to meet industry demand and has the ability to overcome any project limitations.  The functionality and flexibility of VariPOS allows System Integrators (SI) to implement VariPOS into virtually any retail or hospitality scenario.  VariPOS is [...]

Beautiful Aesthetic Design

   Beautiful Aesthetic Design Users are strongly influenced by the aesthetics of a product, even when they try to evaluate the underlying functionality.  Aesthetic designs look easier to use and have a higher probability of being used, whether or not they actually are easier to use.  Poindus design is heavily focused on combining beautiful aesthetics with performance and [...]

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Famous American style restaurant Utilizes VariPAD W in Malaysia

Business Type: Hospitality Product: VariPAD W Country: Malaysia VariPAD W Order Entry Device The Malaysia highland resort is one of the most famous hotels in Asia. In addition to the accommodation, the highland resort includes the outdoor and indoor theme park, and the only legitimate casino in Malaysia.   The Challenge: The famous American style [...]

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VariPOS at Imam Cagdas, to Serve Thousands Everyday

Business Type: Food & Beverage Product: VariPOS Country: Turkey     When İmam Çağdaş restaurant in Gaziantep, Turkey decided it was time to upgrade their POS solution, they had several factors to consider. İmam Çağdaş is one of the most popular restaurants in Gaziantep, and as usual… business was booming. So they knew they needed a fast, [...]

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Monja Restaurant Selects VariPOS To Streamline Their Operations

Business Type: Food & Beverage Product: VariPOS Country: USA     Poindus extends a Big "Welcome To the VariPOS Family" to Monja TaiKe Taiwanese Restaurant in Rowland Heights and Rosemead, CA. Monja has recently opened a second location, due to the authentic, delicious Taiwanese style delicacies they cook up. Go ahead, Google it. Read the [...]

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Who’s Up For a Little One-on-One? VariPOS is a Player.

Business Type: Food & Beverage Product: VariPOS Country: USA     One on One Hot Pot, a San Gabriel, CA based restaurant, needed a POS solution when they began serving their hot soup and stone bowl rice concoctions, but they didn’t know where to go. This scenario is very common among entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, and the [...]

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Meet Fresh, Dessert Shop, Becomes International and Meets VariPOS

Business Type: Food & Beverage Product: VariPOS Country: USA     If you ever find yourself in Taipei, Taiwan, you’ll see a rather famous chain of dessert and drink style restaurants known as Meet Fresh. And now they have found their way across the Pacific Ocean in sunny Irvine, CA. Meet Fresh faced many challenges [...]

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