Business Type: Retail (Chain Store)

Product: ToriPOS 915

Country: Taiwan


ToriPOS 915 in luxury health food retail

The luxury health food brand is an expert of beauty & health and now there are 52 branches in Taiwan. They focused on not only selling the high-end products (bird nest) but also delivering a healthy life style.

The Requirement: A White, Elegant & Solid POS system

In order to have a consistent decoration, the luxury health food brand requested that all the facilities including POS system should go with the main color-white. Therefore, they searched for a white All-in-One POS system with polish shape. On the other hands, they also paid attention on the functionality of the hardware by reason of the Policy of Electronic Receipt (the retail should keep all the transaction documents over years). It is necessary for the brand to deploy a solid POS system for storage and backup.

For the Win!

They chose Poindus as their POS system provider for the 2 reason.

  1. Branding: Poindus is known as the VariPOS series. Poindus’ reputation as a serious player in the POS industry has consistently grown.
  2. For the product: Poindus as the inventor of ToriPOS advances the design of POS product leaping ahead rather than functionality only.

The Benefit 

The brand and branches are now satisfied with the advantages of ToriPOS 915.

  1. Shape: ToriPOS 915 is designed with the sleek front panel and the compact computing module in the base.
  2. Efficiency:ToriPOS 915 compounded i5 3550S CPU can process all the existing POS applications and make time-saving.
  3. Capability: The built Dual HDD with RAID capability can auto backup and store all of the electronic receipts.

Poindus has exquisite taste in design. In consequence, as a POS system manufacture, Poindus elaborates each POS terminal including ToriPOS series. The refined shape, efficient core processor, and multi-function are the vital merits of ToriPOS 915. Meanwhile, ToriPOS 915 is a profitable assistant at front desk in your boutique shop. It is not merely a POS machine, but a kind of grace decoration.