Creating Touchpoints

Retail is an incredibly competitive industry and the interaction between a retailer and customer is part of an ongoing, relationship, and like any relationship, it starts with a first impression, followed by the customer experience during the shopping experience.  In the end, the shopper decides if the relationship continues into the future.

Retailers can implement touchpoints as opportunities to interact with customers and make personal connections with each and every one as they go about their shopping experience.

In an age where interactivity is the norm, displays are now integrated into many business types from QSRs to the high street fashion chains.  Catching the eye of consumers using video as they pass by is no longer unique.  However, interactive touch points bring a new connection between retailer and consumer by adding interactivity and engagement enhancing the customer experience.

Creating innovative touch points that engage customers require technology, from small strategically sited touch screen displays that can be mounted on pillars and shelving or prominent larger sized displays sited in to attract people to a particular area.  Retail digitization can drive information and inspiration directly to the customer

Touch points can be used in many ways from simple product advertising showing an interactive selection of promotional videos or product details like specifications and features or even the ability to check stock levels, but overall they create opportunities to interact and engage with customers, and offer a degree of personalization, a key in establishing loyalty and a future relationship.

Many retailers are redefining their store concepts to guarantee they get the best return on investment for their bricks & mortar stores and engage more directly with customers. For most retailers their stores are the major sales channel, meaning footfall and attracting customers is primary, for some retailers the physical store is to build a high street identity and capture customer data for conversion to the main online sales strategy.

The challenge for technology implementation like digital touchpoints is that there is no generic formula for success. The fact is that well implemented retail technology creates added value for customers and enhances the customer shopping experience.

Customers expect a consistent, brand experience during the whole shopping experience, and that requires retail organizations to align themselves with their company mission and implemented technology.

Strategic Touchpoints reinforce the value of the customer relationship with every interaction, but do not replace well-trained shop floor sales staff, moreover enhanced customer experience, ultimately leads to a positive customer in-store experience, increased brand awareness and improve customer loyalty.

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