Business Type: Retail (Chain Store)

Product: POSINNO 550

Country: UK

Who are Chatwins

Founded in 1913, Chatwins is one of the region’s largest bakery businesses in UK, serving more than 20 shops, sandwich vans and local businesses in Cheshire, North Wales and Staffordshire.

In 2013, the change in retail behavior and increasing competition in the Baking industry and supermarkets, Chatwins enhanced their brand strategy and updated their store program from the store design and decoration, product line and also the implementation of a comprehensive Electronic Point of Sale system to engage younger customers at their shops.

Their Challenge

Chatwins looked for an EPOS system with the following primary requirements:

  1. Solution Durability: Robust front end operation, hardware and software.
  2. High-end computing capability: Adaptable and able to grow with the business and future POS software requirements; fast, comprehensive and accurate reporting for sales, with statistical analysis and comparisons for better business decision making.
  3. The appearance: Aesthetically pleasing with a modern hardware design

The Hardware

After comprehensive evaluation, the Poindus POSINNO 550 was selected as Chatwins’ EPOS system. Poindus has an excellent reputation in POS industry as a designer and manufacturer of high performance and stylish hardware; and the POSINNO series offered a robust solution with stability and reliability. Chatwins’ shops now enjoy the benefits of the POSINNO 550 and a long lifespan with a great return on investment.

  1. In terms of aesthetics: The POSINNO 550 is stylish and well suited to their retail environment.
  2. Boost up business: The seamless connections of MSR & Fingerprint are quick and keep queues down efficiently. The payment options help to build business growth.
  3. Dealing problems swiftly and efficiently

“By combining POSINNO 550 (Hardware) and software (Retail & Production) we have been able to update our payment system which will ultimately help us provide a better service to our loyal customers.” the owner said.


The POSINNO 550 hardware solution, selected by Chatwins was a perfect fit to their modern shops offering the performance and reliability and an aesthetic that matched their brand image perfectly.