There are 3 stores at Onslow in northern Western Australia, 2 of them are in town about 200m apart from each other and deployed VariPOS 715.

The 2 fuel stations provide different products and services. For example, one focuses on take away food and the other offers some retail goods. They require a POS system which can be a great tool to manage all these different subjects and ensure customer satisfaction and business operation at the same time.

  • The Advantages of Poindus VariPOS 715
  1. Durable:Rugged construction Die-Cast Aluminum, provides a sturdy, heavy-duty frame for support and protection.
  2. Stylish appearance:15” zero-bezel and Slim design with a small footprint.
  3. Easy maintenance:Hidden cable management. Easy Exchangeable HDD. Flexible Hardware connectivity and the I/O interface always on top.
  • IT Matters:

Here are some preparations before VariPOS 715 starting to serve in Fuel stations, and they took advantage from POS system, including stock control, business report, and customer database.

  1. Built barcode system for stock control: There are hundreds of products in Fuel service station. They built a barcode system for all goods in order to manage inventory precisely.
  2. Synchronize operation information: They has more than one store, so that if they want to synchronize all the operation information from each store, they need to connect to internet.
  3. Optimize Customer Relationship Management: They digitalized all the customer records into a customer database on VariPOS 715 which features HDD exchangeable easily and compatible with any kind of software.

The Fuel Stations boost the operation performance since they deployed VariPOS715. Thanks to Poindus POS system helps businesses in various ways, including managing inventory, customer retention and customer experience.