Poindus 10.4

Engage & Inform

10.4″ True Flat Display

From marketing promotions and discounts to invoice details,
our display solutions show your customers everything they need to know.

Our 10.4″ display is the perfect information portal, or stategic touch point.  The small size and single cable video & power connection allows decrete positioning anywhere for effective marketing, price checker or customer satisfaction surveys.

Poindus Small Display Solutions

Versatile Solution

  • High Strength Glass Overlay
  • USB or VGA Interface Available
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Base
  • Easy Installation
    – One USB/VGA Cable Required
  • Spill Proof and Anti-Dust
  • Best Choice for Space Limited Retail / Hospitality Environments
  • True Flat Designed to Suit Harsh Environment

Inform your customers directly and put your message in focus.

Our range of displays, delivers increased convenience, flexible connectivity,
enhanced power delivery and improved picture quality.

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