Display solutions that allow touchpoint deployment in multiple situations.

10.4″ True Flat Display

Model No. : M365RD / M365RC / M365ND / M365NC/M365PD/M365PC

  • High Strength Glass Overlay
  • USB or VGA Interface Available
  • Durable Die-Cast Aluminum Base
  • Easy Installation – One USB/VGA Cable Required
  • Spill Proof and Anti-Dust
  • Best Choice for Space Limited Retail / Hospitality Environments
  • True Flat Designed to Suit Harsh Environment
  • M365RD / M365RC: Resistive Touch Screen (not True Flat Display)
  • Refer to M465 with stand

Product Detail

USB Interface Available
VGA Interface Available
True Flat Design
Wall Mount Available
Base for Option
7”, 8” and 10” Pole
Base for Option


  M365ND: 10.4″ VGA Non-touch (4:3)
  M365NC: 10.4″ USB Non-touch (4:3)
  M365RD: 10.4″ VGA Resitive (4:3)
  M365RC: 10.4″ USB Resistive (4:3)
  M365PD: 10.4″ VGA PCAP (4:3)
  M365PC: 10.4″ USB PCAP (4:3)
  Display Size 10.4″
  True-Flat YES (IP54)
  Interface M365ND、M365RD、M365PD: VGA
M365NC、M365RC、M365PC: USB
  Resolution 800 x 600
  Viewing Angle 50/60/70/70 degree (U/D/L/R)
  Brightness (nits) 250
  Contrast Ratio 500 : 1
  Response Time (ms) 20
  Power Supply M365ND、M365RD、M365PD: DC 12V
M365NC、M365RC、M365PC: DC 5V (USB)
  OS Support M365ND: N/A
M365NC、M365RC、CM365PC: Windows 10 、 8.1 、 8 、 7 ,Linux Ubuntu
M365RD、M365PD: Windows 10 、 8.1 、 8 、 7
  Touch Type
  Touch Type M365ND、M365NC: Non-Touch
M365RD、M365RC: 5W Resistive (USB)
M365PD、M365PC: Projected Capacitive (USB)
  Input Terminals
  For Video Signal M365ND、M365RD、M365PD: Mini DIN 8-pin
M365NC、M365RC、M365PC: USB Type B
  For Power M365ND、M365RD、M365PD: DC Jack
M365NC、M365RC、M365PC: USB Type B
  For Touch Signal M365ND、M365NC: N/A
M365RD、M365RC、M365PD、M365PC: USB Type B
  For VFD N/A
  For Peripherals N/A
  For Audio N/A
  Physical Dimension
(W x H x D) mm
244 x 197.4 x 36.4
  Weight (N. W.) (Kg) M365ND、M365NC: 0.9
M365RD、M365RC、M365PD、M365PC: 1.1
  Operating Condition 0ºC~40ºC
  Storage Condition -10ºC~50ºC
  Power Consumption M365ND、M365RD、M365PD: 8W
M365NC、M365RC、M365PC: 2.5W
  EMI / Safety  CE, FCC, LVD
  Wall Mount Kit Option, 75 x 75mm VESA
  Base Option
  Pole Stand Option
  2nd Display N/A
 e-Brochure and Datasheet↓

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