Business Type: Retail

Product: VariPOS

Country: Singapore




We all know the stereotypes of art galleries, and my apologies for using them. It’s quite common that artistic folks are looked upon with a strange eye for seeing things in paintings and sculptures that the regular folks just don’t see. I am guilty of that myself. But when an Art Gallery in Singapore decided to install VariPOS, I must admit… I was on the same page as the artistic folks. So let’s have an artistic critique of VariPOS.

Timeless beauty, superior functionality, flexibility in fitting any environment. Much like the Mona Lisa’s influence on portraits, VariPOS is the standard that future systems will reflect back to. OK, so maybe not that influential, but we are proud of the aspects that make VariPOS one of the most demanded systems.




VariPOS fits in perfectly in the Singaporean art gallery, and though it seems likely that someone would put out an offer on this masterpiece, we have been informed that no offers have come in yet. Good Luck, VariPOS!