Poindus is ready with fiscally compliant solutions

Poindus has implemented a secure TSE solution across the whole VariPOS range that can simply be plugged into the POS system via the USB/microSD-port, making it very easy to integrate and retrofit existing systems. Our solution are easy to install by simply removing a side blanking plate and connecting the device; the device is secured by a locking screw to further ensure security and stop tampering. Additionally for non VariPOS POS systems or systems or where the secure integrated solution is not suitable, we can also supply certified TSE that can be connected via USB, SD, or microSD interface.

Simple, Secure & Compliant

VariPOS 2 Series
TSE Module

VariPOS Classic
TSE Module

Poindus Adapter for TSE is a secure solution for TSE Compliance for new or to retrofit existing POS systems

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