Business Type: Fast Food Franchise

Product: ToriPOS

Country: China

What is the business:

The Chinese Fast Food Chain Store was founded in 2008 in Guangzhou, China. Not surprisingly, they have rapidly grown the business in a very short time, and since established they have expanded to almost 100 restaurants in Southern China. Fast food franchise is an extremely competitive industry in China because the pace of life is continually changing and the demand for good fast food has increased. To meet this demand the Chinese Fast Food Chain Store has not only improved the menu but has also upgraded their business equipment to handle the influx of hungry customers in a fast and efficient manner.


The POS Upgrade:

When it was time to upgrade the technology; the Chinese fast food chain store had a preference for a Taiwanese brand known for quality and performance. The existing system had been in place since 2008 and after almost nine years, it was time to upgrade. They turned towards Poindus ToriPOS, a high-end POS terminal, with 2nd Display.


ToriPOS -The high-end POS terminal in fast food franchise:

‘To do is to be’ is a Chinese style fast food establishment similar to other typical fast food franchises. They have the standard menu, SOP, and a professional POS system. The fast food franchise always has high traffic during peak times as people consider fast food as a good option for quality food in seconds. Using technology the counter and kitchen work together to serve customers as fast as possible. The introduction of ToriPOS to the environment has brought and a boost in performance and productivity increasing the business revenue.  ToriPOS is a powerful POS system which can service harsh environments delivering high performance (Intel i3/i5 CPU) with an elegant aluminum appearance.


How they engage:

The ToriPOS with customer display was the answer for this fast food franchise. They required a solution that could cope with the high footfall during peak times and a way to inform customers of the latest deals and promotions. The smart use of POS and customer display technology at the point of sale counter has increased customer engagement and loyalty without impacting staff time and resources.