Business Type: Hospitality

Product: M667TY + M367GB

Country: Russia

It is great to share this success story with you. The PIZZA house in Russia has been an Otek customer since 2001; and since Otek and Poindus Systems mergered in 2015, Otek has operated under Poindus Systems Corp. Poindus has taken over all the responsibilities & customer service from Otek.


Reliability, Availability & Serviceability from Poindus

The PIZZA house in Russia installed a sophisticated POS solution, utilizing the M667TY as their first POS terminal to deal with the large number of customers they served daily.  From the the very beginning the M667TY achieved the goal and was a great success for them.

The PIZZA house has been satisfied with the POS solution for many years, however, recently they wished to extend the application of the POS system and build better communication with their customers. To achieve this goal the PIZZA house attached a 15” 2nd display (M367GB) in portrait orientation. The Pizza house has found the solution to be the perfect integration of Poindus POS terminal & Display for fast food industry.


Quality Assurance & Long Term Service Guarantee

It is Poindus’ honor to build a superior POS solution for the PIZZA house.  We continue to strive for excellence in product quality and our extended service program.