Business Type: Food & Beverage

Product: VariPOS

Country: Taiwan




Mix & Match Tea Cafe is a popular tea shop in Zhongli, Taiwan. The name is a play on words, meaning both the obvious, literal meaning of “brewing” (or steeping) a teabag and also… sort of a homonym (in Chinese, of course) meaning a generous mix & match, fashionable atmosphere. They take pride in combining opposites. For example, the image of the store is both traditional, yet modern; the Eastern, yet Western atmosphere is reinforced by the artistic style of the shop, the connotation of their beverages, and through their heritage and innovation…they became “Big Tea.” However, don’t let this name fool you, these guys know their business when it comes to the mass amounts of available teas, but they share an equal knowledge of how to brew a great cup of coffee or prepare a glass of juice.




As you can imagine, with such attention to detail, Mix & Match pulls in the customers and they know they need a reliable, high performance POS machine to take care of the financial stuff for them, so they can focus on keeping their customers happy and preparing a great drink.They chose VariPOS, because they know they need to keep those lines moving quickly, without errors, and be able to look at the details of the sales later. Mix & Match chose VariPOS, because they needed a rugged, waterproof system that can handle extended daily use. Mix & Match chose VariPOS, because they needed a system that was just as fashionable as their own store, and just as versatile to fonform to the shop’s atmosphere. Mix & Match chose VariPOS, because they needed a system that expresses their own personality.