Business type: Food & beverage
Product: VariPOS
Country: USA




Who is Half and Half Tea Express?

In 2008, Half and Half Tea Express had a dream of bringing authentic Taiwanese style specialty drinks and snacks to the good people of Los Angeles, CA. Six years later, that dream has been realized and has even expanded into six different locations. Half and Half has rapidly become a favorite for those looking to enjoy an authentic Taiwanese beverage.

Half and Half Tea Express was recently recognized as one of the Top 5 Boba Tea establishments in the region. Given the sheer amount of competition in this locale, this is no small feat. As a result of this popularity, Half and Half took a long hard look at how they could improve their store’s customer service; increasing their efficiency, while maintaining the high quality they have always offered.


Their Challenge

Half and Half was not surprised at how popular they had become, but they knew it was time to find more ways to improve their business. As their popularity increased, lines were getting longer. They needed to approach this with care, because quality is Number 1 in their view and it is not negotiable. In addition to improving customer service, Half and Half wanted to make sure whatever decision they made, that it would fit in with their image.

After weighing their options they settled on trying an updated POS system. They needed a POS system that would not only provide the efficiency and reliability they needed to shorten those lines, but would also match their shop’s atmosphere. They spoke with a POS professional and after testing the waters, they made their decision.




The Solution

After facing several options, Half and Half chose the VariPOS 715. They found the reliability of the VariPOS to exceed their expectation; executing commands immediately and accurately. They found that the installed POS software reacted flawlessly.  “Ghost Finger” mistakes decreased. And best of all, order entry times were only a fraction of what they were previously. Regarding performance, Half and Half was already impressed.The True-Flat Capacitive Technology touch screen allows for accurate entry and reduces “ghost-finger” mistakes (when your finger is hovering above the screen, but not actually touching it, and still executes a command).

Additionally, Half and Half chose a black on black color scheme for their frame and I/O covers. They felt this color provided the right amount of style and balance to the environment. VariPOS 715 became the obvious solution to Half and Half’s dilemma. Through a combination of high performance, efficiency and style, this unit was able to address the challenges they faced. Half and Half now enjoys the same popularity, the same quantity of patrons, but now with improved customer service, more accurate results, and shorter wait times.