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Specially designed to streamline kitchen operations.

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Streamline Kitchen Operations

Our KDS solutions are one of the best technology investments for streamlining kitchen workflows and coordinating communication between the front of house and back of house operations, increasing overall restaurant efficiency.  They enhance productivity, accuracy, and coordination, reducing errors and delays in food preparation.

Heavy-Duty Hardware

Industrial design for your restaurant kitchen.

Our heavy duty stainless steel kitchen display systems (KDS), offer durable performance in demanding industrial environments, allowing you to operate in the harshest kitchen conditions.

Lightweight KDS Hardware

Affordable industrial panel PC for KDS Applications

Our lightweight  kitchen display systems (KDS), deliver affordability without compromising  performance in kitchen environments.  Our versatile mounting options deliver a modern attractive environment for any busy kitchen scenario.

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Comprehensive Range of Display Solutions

Our comprehensive range of display solutions combined with our kitchen controller allows you to deploy computing power across the business.

  KDS Displays
  Size 8″ 10.1″ 10.4″ 15″ 15.6″ 17″ 19″  21.5″
Order Code
M354 Display
M185 Display
M365 Display
VariDisplay 250
VariDisplay 256
VariDisplay 270
VariDisplay 890
M2150T Display
Resolution 800*600 1280*800 800*600 1024*768 1920*1080 1280*1024 1280*1024 1920*1080
 IP Rating IP54 (Front) IP54 (Front) IP54 (Front) IP66 (Front) IP56 (Front) IP66 (Front) IP66 (Front)  IP54 (Front)
 Material Plastic Metal Plastic Metal Metal Metal Metal Metal
I/O Type USB (or VGA) USB (or DP) USB (or VGA) DP+TypeC+VGA DP+TypeC+VGA DP+TypeC+VGA DP+TypeC+VGA  DP
VESA Support 75×75 75×75 75×75 75×75 75×75 100×100 100×100 100×100


Kitchen Controller

Delivering Computing Power across the Business

Our Kitchen Controller Box PC is powered by the Intel  J6412 delivering performance for KDS applications that require maximum uptime.   The iBOXPC series has the flexibility for mixed implementations in any retail or hospitality environment and is purpose built to addresses the real needs of your business.

VariBOX T Series






Comprehensive Range of Panel PC Solutions

Our Panel PC solutions operate standalone and can be easily mounted onto VESA wall mounts or Pole mounts.

  KDS Panel PC
  Size 15″ 15.6″ 17″ 19″ 21/5″ 15″ 21.5″
Order Code
VariPPC 250A
VariPPC 256A
VariPPC 270A
VariPPC 890
SPPC 1500
SPPC 2150
CPU        Celeron / i3 / i5
Resolution  1024*768  1920*1080 1280*1024 1280*1024 1920*1080 1024*768 1920*1080
 IP Rating IP66 (Front) IP56 (Front) IP66 (Front) IP66 (Front) IP54 (Front)   IP69K (Full System)
 Material     Metal / Die-Casting  Metal Stainless + M12 connector
I/O Type      USB / COM /LAN   USB / COM / LAN
VESA Support    75×75   100×100  75×75 100×100
PCAP Touch        YES

*SPPC Range delivers unparalleled Ingress Protection

Full System IP65 & IPX9K Protection

Panel PC Advantage

Our Panel PC Solutions offer integrated computing power combined with touch screen simplifying setup and cable management.  We offer a choice of Panel PC devices that can meet the demands of any project

KB9100 Bump Bar

An integral part of catering workflow optimization.

The KB9100 kitchen display bump bar is  built to withstand the most demanding requirements of kitchen systems and other industrial applications. The keypad  is enclosed in special, high durability plastic, The Bump bar is fully programmable kitchen display bump bar with touch operations that provides reliable and durable touch operations.


Versatile Mounting Solutions

A full range of wall and pole mounting solutions.

We supply versatile mounting solutions compatible with kitchen display systems (KDS) , Panel PC (PPC), display solutions, POS solutions along with their accociated peripherals.   The solutions are innovative, and  can be customized to the specific requirements of the project and environment. These versatile mounting solutions feature robust construction and internal cable management, available in pre-fabricated or customizable options, providing tailored solutions for diverse scenarios.

Mounting Solutions

Featured Products


The WP-T21 KDS Display delivers 21.5″ 16:9 Full HD display ensures clear information is available in any area of the kitchen helping restaurants streamline their kitchen operations at an affordable price.


21.5″ 16:9 Full HD Kitchen Display System – IP55 Front Protection – Efficient and cost effective kitchen display system you can rely on. Powered by Intel® Elkhart Lake Celeron J6412 CPU with 10 point PCAP multi-touch.

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The SPPC-2150 21.5″ 16:9 Full HD is a stainless steel durable device specifically designed to withstand harsh kitchen environments with ingress protection, providing reliable performance in demanding conditions.


21.5″ 16:9 PPC – Stainless Steel Chassis – IP65 & IPX9K Protection – Full System Ingress Protected PPC for deployemnt in any extreme conditions. Powered by 7th Generation Apollo Lake CPU with 10 point PCAP multi-touch.

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The SPPC-1500 15″ 4:3 is a stainless steel robust device designed to withstand the rigors of any busy kitchen environment, it delivers reliable performance in demanding conditions with full Ingress Protection.


15″ 4:3 (1024×768) PPC – Stainless Steel Chassis – IP65 & IPX9K Protection – Full Ingress PPC for harsh envronments. Powered by Intel® Apollo Lake SoC with Integrated Chipset and Full Flat Design PCAP Touchscreen.

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Bump Bar Solution Customizable

Bump Bar

Our KB9100 Bump bar introduces a tactile interface for kitchen operations, designed for durability and can be customizable to match specific kitchen workflows, fully programmable with reliable touch operations

KB9100 Bump Bar

KB9100 – PCT (Projected Capacitive Touch) – USB (type B) Interface – Designed to withstand the most demanding requirements of kitchen systems. KB9100 is a fully programmable and provides reliable touch operations

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Much more than just a ticket system

Our KDS solutions can do much more than display orders and reducing paper waste from printed tickets, they display accurate orders in real-time with any special instructions allowing chefs to prepare meals efficiently and prioritize the meal prep.  KDS solutions can streamline kitchen operations and  give the front-of-house team the ability to to track the progress of orders, reducing wait times and improving the overall dining experience.

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