Poindus Kiosk Solutions

Poindus Kiosk Solutions

Deliver a modern and innovative image for any business type and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Easy Installation & simple updates and customization.

Reduced labor costs, improved data collection accuracy, enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction, and offer personalized content and advertising for customer service.
Join Poindus at EuroShop and see how our retail & hospitality technology can transform your business.

Meet the Poindus Team at EuroShop and see how our kiosk solutions can transform your business

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Poindus Kiosk Solutions
Poindus VariKiosk Poindus Kiosk Solutions

VariKiosk delivers a slim bezel 15.6″ Full HD display with thin (4.8mm) bezel design and full peripheral support.

Poindus MiniKiosk Poindus Kiosk Solutions

MiniKiosk Full 15.6″ HD Portrait display with full peripheral support & multi-directional integrated printer to suit any environment

Poindus Floor Stand Kiosk Poindus Kiosk Solutions

Pole Stand Kiosk simple to install, perfect solution for ‚take a number‘ queue systems or satisfaction (Smiley) surveys.

Poindus Whisky Kiosk Poindus Kiosk Solutions

Whiskey Kiosk, Liquid vending solution, complete with PPC control display for interactive marketing and peripheral support