Business Type: Retail

Product: VariPOS

Country: Taiwan




The Challenge

Being very high-traffic, downtime is absolutely intolerable. The amount of business they could lose as a result of downtime would be substantial. At the top of their list is reliability. No need for rebooting during peak hours, and no worrying about whether or not the machine is going to start misbehaving.

Second, they required the machine to maximize workspace. The given workspace at most supermarkets are very small, and maximizing the space is important to provide comfort for the customer through allowing them more space to place their goods. A setup with a small footprint would be necessary.

Noting that they did not need robust POS software, they preferred to go with a system that offered the best possible performance for average sized software. They liked the software they had previously and preferred to continue using it. High-performance would be a nice perk, but not an absolute necessity.


The Solution

Breeze Market settled on the VariPOS 715. When asked why, they responded, “I don’t know much about POS, other than how to run the machine. So I chose VariPOS because it’s pretty, it doesn’t look like a big black box like the others. We wanted reliability, and we got it… the style was just a hidden benefit for us.”

VariPOS, available in various CPU configurations such as the Intel ATOM D410 (Single Core), ATOM D510 (Double Core) and ATOM D525 (Double Core), makes your choice of power and performance very simple. Breeze market had stated they wanted enough performance to handle their preferred software, so the Single Core D410 was provided ample processing power and performance.

Another necessity was the small footprint to conserve space for customers’ goods. VariPOS features a modern, elegant and very attractive design. It is no coincidence that it also features one of the most impressive footprints as well. VariPOS was designed to allow business to integrate it into the environment, not changing the environment to the POS unit. Breeze market was impressed to discover that they could lay down a cash drawer, fit the VariPOS unit, a receipt printer AND a keyboard on top of the cash drawer.  “We were actually very impressed with the space that we saved, it not only allows the goods to be placed on the counter, but it also frees up space for the cashiers to do their job.”

Having met the requirements, Breeze Market applauded their chosen POS expert, and in turn, applauded the manufacturer, Poindus, for such astonishing attention to the details. The next time you are in Breeze Market, have a look at their chosen units, we think you’ll be impressed, too.

The Breeze Center is Taipei’s first American –style shopping mall, effectively combining shopping, entertainment and dining in one multi-story trendsetting environment. Often referred to as, “The Fifth Avenue of Taiwan,” Breeze stands for simple integrity and quality lifestyle, giving everyone an opportunity to experience guilty pleasures and basic necessities alike. American-style environment and Japanese-style service make Breeze one of the premier destinations for commerce.

A large supermarket in one of the busiest department stores in the Taipei, Breeze Market caters to a variety of shoppers, from those making the week’s grocery purchases, to those looking for specialty imports.