Poindus Systems Corp is pleased to announce that we have entered into a merger agreement with OTEK System Co., Ltd, effective on 1st AUG, 2015, Otek System Co., Ltd., will operate under Poindus Systems Corp.

The combination of OTEK’s high quality industrial display solutions and Poindus’ reputable point-of-sale products will provide our partners with more alternatives in opening business channels. This partnership is expected to significantly increase business opportunities for both Poindus and our valued partners.

Poindus will leverage the full range of OTEK’s existing solutions, from Box PC and Open Frame Display to Industrial Panel monitors. Additionally, we will leverage the expertise and professionalism of the entire OTEK team in an effort to provide consistent service for high quality, reliable equipment.

Congruent with all important business decisions, we will continue to work closely with our customers, partners and employees to make the transition as smooth as possible. In the meantime, our partners will continue to receive the high level of service, which they have come to expect.