Poindus Technical Service Policy

Poindus Technical Service Policy

Service Policy

  • Warranty period: 2 years for Poindus standard product.
  • Warranty coverage: Poindus standard products, excluding mechanical parts and cosmetic issues.
  • Poindus’s customer should return failure parts to Poindus or Poindus branch if purchased from branch directly for repair or exchange.
  • Poindus repair Turn around Time is in house up to 14 working days (Customer will receive an RMA No. for tracking purpose)
    It is possible to obtain an exchange unit if the products were purchased directly from Poindus and the product is DOA (Dead-on-Arrival).
  • IWC (In Warranty Case) – Poindus’s customer takes inbound freight, Poindus takes outbound freight. (Appendix A)
    OOW (Out of Warranty)/ NDF (No Defect Found)/ CID (Customer Induce Damage) cases – Poindus’s customer takes inbound and outbound freight.
  Shipping paid by
  Warranty Status From Customer to Poindus From Poindus to Customer
  In Warranty Customer Poindus
  Out of Warranty Customer Customer
  DOA Poindus Poindus

DOA (Dead on arrival)

  • It is possible to obtain an exchange units during if the products were purchased directly from Poindus and the product is DOA (Dead-on-Arrival).
  • For DOA, Poindus will take care both of outward and inward transportation charge.
  • For DOA period, please refer to the next page.
  • Exclusions from Warranty

    The product is excluded from warranty if

    • The product has been found to be defective after expiry of the warranty period.
    • Warranty has been voided by removal or alternation of product or part identification labels.
    • The product has been misused, abused, or subjected to unauthorized disassembly/modification; placed in an unsuitable physical or operating environment; improperly maintained by the customer; or failure caused which Poindus is not responsible whether by accident or other cause. Such conditions will be determined by Poindus at its sole unfettered discretion.
    • The product is damaged beyond repair due to a natural disaster such as a lighting strike, flood, earthquake, etc.
    • Product updates/upgrades and tests upon the request of customers who are without warranty.

DOA Period and Definition

  • DOA Period and Definition:
A product is DOA (Dead On Arrival) if it is defective or does not operate according to the product specification within the following times, counted from the date of shipment (Invoice date) from Poindus.
  • Air Shipment:10 working days
  • Sea Shipment to Asia:15 working days
  • Sea Shipment to Americas:25 working days
  • Sea Shipment to Europe:30 working days

Customer must to provide necessary documents to prove the delay shipping, Poindus will agree to extend DOA period that is case by case.

  • Poindus reserves the right to refuse DOA claims after the defined period above.


Obtaining an RMA Number

  • All returns from customers must be authorized with an Poindus RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. Any returns of defective units or parts without valid RMA numbers will not be accepted; they will be returned to the customer at the customer’s cost without prior notice.
  • An RMA number is only an authorization for returning a product; it is not an approval for repair or replacement. When requesting an RMA number, please mail to Poindus service e-mail [email protected]
  • The RMA form must contain the basic product and customer information and a description of the problems encountered in detail in “Problem Description”. Vague entries such as “does not work” and “failure” are not acceptable.
  • After customer received the RMA No. customer will send the faulty machine(s) and/or part(s) to Poindus with RMA form and RMA No. with 
each carton.
  • If you are uncertain about the cause of the problem, please contact Poindus’s customer service engineer. They may be able to find a solution that does not require sending the product for repair. 
The serial number of the whole set is required if only a key defective part is returned for repair. Otherwise, the case will be regarded as out-of-warranty.
  • We give maximum 1 year warranty on the spare parts used for repair or until the regular warranty of the repaired unit expires.

Obligations by customers

  • Please report any damages to the shipment, (cartons, Boxes, etc..) immediately to Poindus or our Poindus branch if purchased from branch directly incl. pictures of the damage.
  • OBT: Out of Box Testing
The customer is requested to test up to 5 units of the delivery to confirm functionality.
  • In order for RMA center to proceed with the out of warranty repair the customer needs to reply “YES”. If Poindus don’t receive customer’s agreement within 2 weeks, Poindus RMA center will return back your RMA goods.
  • If customer decided not to repair the out of warranty parts or didn’t respond to the repair quotation, customer is responsible for the freight cost (shipping fee) for the out of warranty RMA return plus $20 USD for the processing and handling fee.
  • For NDF cases, Poindus reserves the right to charge a handling fee in the amount of USD 50.00

End of Life Policy

Customer have 6 months time period to buy spare parts from the date of announced phased out product(s).
Customer will be informed by Poindus’s Sales Division for any discontinued components and/or sub-assemblies.
Poindus will continue to offer and provide warranty repair for the EOL products at least two (2) years from the Last Customer Ship (LCS) date announced.
Below is time table for PCN(products change notice)/EOL(end of life)

  Milestone Definition  Date
  Official EOL Notice PCN/EOL announced  January 1, 2016
  Last Customer Ship Date The product is no longer for sale after this date  June 30, 2016
  Last buy time period Last buy on spare parts or components before this date  December 31, 2016
  End of Warranty Repair Repair service will be based on product’s warranty  Latest June 30, 2018

*Dates are for reference only.