Poindus ProShield

The Safety Barrier You Need Right Now

Safeguards like social distancing implemented in-store during staff-customer interactions are enhanced with our ProShield, an effective protection screen that provides an additional layer of protection for cashiers & customers at the point of sale.

Social Distancing Enhanced with Poindus ProShield

Poindus ProShield Integration

The ProShield is unobtrusive and does not take space from the transactional area, additionally it has minimal affect on cashier/customer interactions, boosting customer confidence and meeting their hygiene expectations .  The shield can be cleaned regularly and disinfected without damage to the materials.

Implement an effective barrier to protect your
cashiers & customers at the Point of Sale

VariPOS  gives retailers the ability to combine ProShield  with product scanning and contactless payment minimizing contact with the customer, merchandise and cash at the Point of Sale.

Poindus has been a leading innovator since 2009, continually introducing leading edge products to the retail & hospitality industry. Poindus has always been focused on best user experience and protecting cashiers & customers. With the outbreak of COVID19, protection during transactions is now critical. ProShield is an essential addition to a safe shopping experience.