Poindus announced that Poindus System Corp has been listed on the Emerging Stock Market in Taiwan. Poindus System Corp held a conference for Investment Corporation on December 20 where they disclosed the last 3 years’ financial reports and revenue to the public. At the conference, General Manager, Wesley Chang stated new business strategy and operational objectives which covered product differentiation, R & D differentiation, and differentiation of operating modes. Poindus strategy will be based on this operational planning to progressively reach organization goals.


Poindus revenue in 2016 was 900 million NTD, after-tax net profit of 32.2 million NTD, EPS 1.57 NTD, the first half of 2017 revenues of 577 million NTD, net profit after tax of 18.1 million NTD, EPS 0.86 NTD. With Poindus System entering the capital market, revenue performance is anticipated to improve.