Manage Footfall & Remain Competitive

With the advent of E-commerce, Bricks & Mortar Stores have had to up their game to compete with the availability and convenience of online shopping. Retailers are shifting their focus to improved customer in-store experience to maintain footfall and remain competitive.  The utilization of new checkout technologies can reduce waiting times and increase convenience with new innovations pairing with an industry-leading retail technology like product business intelligence, loyalty schemes, new payment technology and even AI product recognition are allowing retailers to fight back.

Customer perspective about your brand has a great impact on the number of customers entering the store, enticing passers-by is crucial to growing the business and the in-store branding image from all aspects from the displays to the technology taking the payment. Retailers are trying to influence customer’s shopping habits by offering incentives and promotions linked to business intelligence gathered at the Point of Sale.

Research has found that long waiting times discourage people from buying which is a pretty obvious conclusion, however the numbers may be lower than you would think. Recent research showed people are likely to give up queuing and leave empty handed after 9 minutes, and that shoppers won’t join a queue if it already contains seven or more people. Losing sales at peak times due to operational inefficiency has an impact on profits through lost sales, also overwhelming evidence indicates that failure to deliver a positive purchase experience will forfeit the opportunity to sell to the customer in the future and affect brand image. The Point of Sale solution deployed in the business has direct impact on these factors.

The VariPOS 2 Series has been designed to enhance the whole transaction experience. It provides the power and performance to complete transactions quickly and efficiently, keeping the queue to a minimum. The series includes cross-compatable integrated peripherals allows retailers to utilize security features like iButton and fingerprint login and 1D/2D Barcode scanning and RFID for fast product identification ensures the transaction process is fast. Integrated Pin-Pad Payment terminals deliver a compact uncluttered design and can allow shoppers to quickly pay by their preferred payment service.  Additional 2nd displays and LCM/VFD are also available for customer convenience ensuring important information is displayed directly to the customer while they complete the transaction.  Ensuring the customer leaves the store feeling it was a positive experience is the main goal, an operationally efficient check-out will go a long way to making sure they feel that.

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