Business Type: Retail-Cosmetic

Product: Display

Country: Nordic region

No. of Shops: 250 up


The Reason for Upgradation

KICKS Cosmetic Retailer has adopted a modernized POS system which constituted a POS PC & display. At the time of hardware replacement, KICKS updated their POS application to touch oriented software; requiring a touch display solution.


The best choice of Poindus Display

They sought out a display solution which provided touch functionality and robust stability for heavy loading.  The Poindus M358PB (17″ True Flat P-CAP Touch Display) was selected to be the best display that was compatible with the POS solution. KICKS was not satisfied with one-way communication and enhanced their systems by installing the M365RC (10.4” Resistive Touch Display) as a 2nd display to provide more information to customers.

Poindus displays have a great reputation in the industry and stand the test of time. The investment in the Display upgrade brought operational efficiency for KICKS and enabled better communication with customers.


The Conclusion

The upgrade of KICKS had more than 1,000 displays, and Poindus was completed the upgradation perfectly. We are pleased to know that our products have solved customer problems. It is the part which we love when we have accomplished every case.