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POS Solutions

Casual or Fine-Dining, Fast-Food, Small Diners and Cafes. Large Hotels or small motels. Luxury Retail or Second-hand Mom and Pop Shop. There are hundreds of categories your business could be in. With Poindus All-in-One POS Solutions, you can differentiate yourself from the crowd and simultaneously optimize your business. With such features as stylish, attractive design, customized casing, smart cable management, and IP66 Waterproofing, you can rest assured Poindus POS Solutions will efficiently perform on a high level, enabling your business' bottom line to grow. Become a Partner today!...[Learn more...]

Advertising and Information KIOSK

Interactive Kiosks

What would you say to round-the-clock advertising of your product or service? Digital Signage Solutions from Poindus make that a reality. VariVitro, a dynamic visual display with interactive touch-through-glass technology and exceptional brightness, viewable from outside, is redefining Digital Signage advertising. Your unit remains safe inside, yet allows outside customers to interact. Whether you need a Solution in your shop window pulling passersby inside, or an interactive display kiosk for in-store customers to browse... Our Interactive displays are your ticket to increased traffic and considerable ROI. [Learn more...]

Medical Applications

Medical PPC

World-class Hi-tech research firms, hospitals, clinics, and so on... What do they have in common? Right! They use VariCura and VariPPC in their pursuit to enhance our lives through medical research, optimum medical diagnstics, internal network communication, and various other applications. Poindus touch technology products have been used in medical settings for other such purposes as in-room entertainment, improved electronic records retrieval, X-ray display with superior clarity, vitals monitoring. Begin your quest to exceptional clinical initiatives, staff processes, and exceed your patients' expectations. [Learn more...]

Industrial Automated Control Tuch Display Panel PC

Industrial PPC

Poindus offers a variety of Touch Panel solutions for industrial automation. Manufacturers worldwide are enjoying the benefits of our reliable touch panel PCs. From being used as a front end solution to a control computer in a distributed processing network, to process control and/or data acquisition. The superior construction Poindus Solutions allows for greater features and expanded survival from the rigors of the factory floor. All Poindus products are designed to withstand higher and lower operating temperatures than your typical office machines, giving greater flexibility for various industries..... [Learn more...]